SeaWorld making Tilikum perform!

Tilikum is SeaWorld’s most iconic killer whale, having lived at the theme park for 23 of his 34 years, and he is very sick. Veterinary staff at SeaWorld have explained his illness as a treatment-resistant form of bacterial pneumonia which could realistically prove fatal. Despite his condition, Tilikum is still expected to perform tricks and entertain crowds, perhaps right until the day he dies.

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One thought on “SeaWorld making Tilikum perform!

  1. This is absolutely heart breaking… Animals have a soul just as “humans” do, and they feel just as much pain both mentally and physically, as “humans” do. So why are we allowing them to suffer in such blatant, horrific ways??

    I think one reason is we need more voices like yours. The more you speak, the more we learn, the more I learn… Thank you for all you share.

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